I shortly present my academic and personal interests here. If you are curious and want to know more, just ask me. I have a strong reputation of not biting people.


As a researcher, my interest lies in the broad domain of Software Engineering, with a tendency towards its practical applications and empirical studies on software quality and how to improve it. In the TestRoots project, which was the focus of my PhD, I did this by researching how developers test in their IDEs. I have also researched the testing aspects of Continuous Integration (see TravisTorrent) and static code analysis, including code reviews.

Quality Enthusiast

I am an absolute enthusiast in what I do. During my Bachelor and Master studies, I already focused on Software Quality. I was a core committer of the open-source software quality analysis toolkit ConQAT. Consequently, I have a focus on writing maintainable, easy-to-understand source code.


I studied Computer Science at Technical University of Munich, Germany, and Linköpings Universitet, Sweden. On top of Software Engineering as my specialisation, I chose a research-oriented Master education. During it, I submitted my first conference (rejected) and workshop paper (accepted) with my supervisor Elmar Jürgens. I took Sports and Medicine as my minor fields of study. After my Masters, I did my PhD at Delft University of Technology in Arie van Deursen's Empirical Software Engineering Research Group, with Andy Zaidman and Georgios Gousios.


In my leisure time, I enjoy sports. After years of competitive table tennis, I picked up Olympic weight lifting and climbing (in the Netherlands!). Besides these indoor activities, I like the mountains. In the winter for skiing, and in the summer for hiking and a bit of mountain biking. From time to time, I explore the Netherlands on a race bike or go for a run (not really my favored sport, though).


I am an avid contributor to Open-Source Software (OSS). I lead these OSS projects (varying degrees of popularity):

I have contributed to the following projects:
  • ConQAT, a quality dashboard for software projects. I was a core committer from 2009 through 2013 (Java).
  • Unknown Horizons, an Anno 1602-inspired strategy game (Python).
  • UAV, a tool that visualizes warnings from multiple automated static analysis tools (Java).
  • parsedate, the R library for parsing ISO-8601 (and other) dates.
  • Samba, the standard Windows interoperability suite for Unix (C).
  • Eclipse, the most-widely used Java IDE (Java).
  • Cloc, a popular tool for quickly counting the LoC of a software project (Perl).
  • Gitlogg, a tool for making git log parsable (Bash/JavaScript).
  • travis-ci-latex-pdf, CI for LaTeX documents.


Having a classicist's background (Latinum and Graecum), I like language and speaking in general. From my abroad stays, I have a particular interest in Dutch and Swedish culture. Besides I like to pay attention to the little language details that matter.

*) I wished … ;)