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My name is Moritz Beller. I am doing a PhD on TestRoots in the Software Engineering Research Group at TU Delft.

This is a website about me and what I do. Feel free to contact me or follow my updates on Twitter as @Inventitech.


We won the best tool paper award at SANER'17! Congratulations to Tim, Clinton, Michiel, Boning, and Sunwei, the five second-year (!) Bachelor students, who crafted UAV!
My second post in the official Travis CI blog appeared!
Deeply honored to announce that TravisTorrent is the MSR'17 Mining Challenge!
Honored to serve as social media co-chair for SCAM'16!


About Me

I shortly present my academic and personal interests here. If you are curious and want to know more, just ask me. I have a strong reputation of not biting people.


As a researcher, my interest lies in the broad domain of Software Engineering, with a tendency towards its practical applications and empirical studies on software quality and how to improve it. In the TestRoots project, which is the focus of my PhD, I do this by researching Developer Testing. However, I am also excited about static code analysis, which includes code reviews.

Quality Enthusiast

I am an absolute enthusiast in what I do. During my studies, I already focused on Software Quality. I also was a core committer of the open-source software quality analysis toolkit ConQAT. Consequently, I have a focus on writing maintainable, easy-to-understand source code.


I studied at Technical University of Munich, Germany, and Linköpings Universitet, Sweden. On top of Software Engineering as my main subject, I chose a research-oriented Master education. I took Sports and Medicine as my minor fields of study.


In my leisure time, I enjoy sports. After years of competitive table tennis, I have started with Olympic weight lifting and climbing (in the Netherlands!). Besides these indoor activities, I like the mountains. In the winter for skiing, and in the summer for hiking and a bit of mountain biking. From time to time, I go for a run (not really my favored sport, though).


I am an avid contributor to Open-Source Software (OSS). Besides the OSS projects that I lead myself (TravisTorrent, TestRoots WatchDog, and the AbstractFormatter), I have contributed to the following projects:

  • ConQAT, a quality dashboard for software projects. I was a core committer from 2009 through 2013 (Java).
  • Unknown Horizons, an Anno 1602-inspired strategy game (Python).
  • UAV, a tool that visualizes warnings from multiple automated static analysis tools (Java).
  • parsedate, the R library for parsing ISO-8601 (and other) dates.
  • Samba, the standard Windows interoperability suite for Unix (C).
  • Eclipse, the most-widely used Java IDE (Java).
  • Cloc, a popular tool for quickly counting the LoC of a software project (Perl).
  • Gitlogg, a tool for making git log parsable (Bash/JavaScript).
  • travis-ci-latex-pdf, CI for LaTeX documents.


Having a classicist's background (Latinum and Graecum), I like language and speaking in general. From my abroad studies, I have a particular interest in Swedish culture. Besides I like to pay attention to the little language details that matter.

*) I wished … ;)



Conference Paper
Best Paper Award
Tim Buckers, Clinton Cao, Michiel Doesburg, Boning Gong, Sunwei Wang, Moritz Beller and Andy Zaidman:
UAV: Warnings from Multiple Automated Static Tools at a Glance in 24th IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering (SANER), Klagenfurt (Austria), 2017.
Cite it (BibTeX entry) • Presentation • Acceptance Rate 55% (12/22)
Conference Paper (Mining Challenge Proposal) Moritz Beller, Georgios Gousios, Andy Zaidman:
TravisTorrent: Synthesizing Travis CI and GitHub for Full-Stack Research on Continuous Integration in 14th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR), Buenos Aires (Argentina), 2017.
Cite it (BibTeX entry) • Acceptance Rate 25% (1/4)
Journal Paper Moritz Beller, Andy Zaidman, Andrey Karpov, Rolf A. Zwaan:
The Last Line Effect Explained in Empirical Software Engineering (EMSE), 2017.
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Conference Paper Carmine Vassallo, Fiorella Zampetti, Daniele Romano, Moritz Beller, Annibale Panichella, Massimiliano Di Penta, Andy Zaidman:
Continuous Delivery Practices in a Large Financial Organization in 32nd International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME), Industrial Track, Raleigh (USA), 2016.
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Conference Paper Sebastiano Panichella, Annibale Panichella, Moritz Beller, Andy Zaidman, Harald Gall:
The Impact of Test Case Summaries on Bug Fixing Performance: An Empirical Investigation in 38th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), Austin (USA), 2016.
Cite it (BibTeX entry) • Presentation • Acceptance Rate 19% (101/530)
Workshop Paper Moritz Beller, Igor Levaja, Annibale Panichella, Georgios Gousios, Andy Zaidman:
How to Catch ’Em All: WatchDog, a Family of IDE Plug-Ins to Assess Testing in 3rd International Workshop on Software Engineering Research and Industrial Practice (SER&IP 2016), Austin (USA), 2016.
Cite it (BibTeX entry) • Presentation • Acceptance Rate 32% (10/31)
Conference Paper Moritz Beller, Radjino Bholanath, Shane McIntosh, Andy Zaidman:
Analyzing the State of Static Analysis: A Large-Scale Evaluation in Open Source Software in 23rd IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering (SANER), Osaka (Japan), 2016.
Cite it (BibTeX entry)Presentation • Acceptance Rate 37% (52/140)
Conference Paper Moritz Beller, Georgios Gousios, Annibale Panichella, Andy Zaidman:
When, How, and Why Developers (Do Not) Test in Their IDEs in 10th Joint Meeting of the European Software Engineering Conference and the ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE), Bergamo (Italy), 2015.
Cite it (BibTeX entry)Presentation • Acceptance Rate 25% (74/291)
Conference Paper
Best Paper Award
Moritz Beller, Andy Zaidman, Andrey Karpov:
The Last Line Effect in 23rd International Conference on Program Comprehension (ICPC), Early Research Achievements (ERA) track, Florence (Italy), 2015.
Cite it (BibTeX entry)Presentation • Acceptance Rate 32% (7/22)
Conference Paper Moritz Beller, Georgios Gousios, Andy Zaidman:
How (Much) Do Developers Test? in 37th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), New ideas and Emerging Results (NIER) track, Florence (Italy), 2015.
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Conference Paper Moritz Beller, Alberto Bacchelli, Andy Zaidman, Elmar Jürgens:
Modern Code Reviews in Open-Source Projects: Which Problems Do They Fix? in 11th Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR), Hyderabad (India), 2014.
Cite it (BibTeX entry)Presentation • Acceptance Rate 34% (29/85)
Workshop Paper Moritz Beller, Elmar Jürgens:
How Strict is Your Architecture? in 14th Workshop on Software Reengineering, Bad Honnef (Germany), 2012.

Non-Peer Reviewed

Blog Post Moritz Beller:
Become a Travis CI Log Miner in the MSR Mining Challenge 2017! in Travis CI Blog, Berlin (Germany), 2017.
Interview Moritz Beller:
Experten-Check: Was ist schöner Code für Software-Tester? in JAXenter, Berlin (Germany), 2016.
Blog Post Moritz Beller:
What We Learned about Continuous Integration from Analyzing 2+ Million Travis Builds in Travis CI Blog, Berlin (Germany), 2016.
Magazine Article Moritz Beller:
Test oder Nichttesten, das ist hier die Frage in Eclipse Magazin 2.16, Frankfurt am Main (Germany), 2016.
Magazine Article Moritz Beller:
How much testing is enough? in Jax Magazine 41 ‐ The TESTING Special, Berlin (Germany), 2014.
Magazine Article Moritz Beller:
Wie viel Testen ist genug? in Eclipse Magazin 1.15, Frankfurt am Main (Germany), 2014.
Master's Thesis Moritz Beller:
Quantifying Continuous Code Reviews at TU München (Germany), 2013.
Bachelor's Thesis Moritz Beller:
Static Validation of ConQAT Architecture Descriptions at TU München (Germany), 2011.


I am a member of the PhD council of the Institute for Programming research and Algorithmics.


I am honored to be ...

Program Commitee (PC)

I am honored to be in the PC of ...


I was a reviewer for ...


I was a teaching assistant for ...


I had the privilege to (co-)supervise ...

Invited Talks and Presentations

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Curriculum Vitae

1/2014–today Doctoral Candidate, TU Delft, Netherlands
10/2011–10/2013 M.Sc. Computer Science, Technische Universität München, With Distinction
8/2010–3/2011 Erasmus Abroad Studies, Linköpings Universitet, Sweden
9/2008–9/2011 B.Sc. Computer Science, Technische Universität München
9/1999–6/2008 University-Entrance Diploma, Celtis-Gymnasium, Schweinfurt
10/2011–03/2013 Student Temp, CQSE GmbH, München. Software Engineer and Architect
1/2011–3/2011 Student Temp, Sick IVP A/B, Linköping, Sweden. Research & Development, Team “Vision”
2/2009–9/2009 Student Researcher, Chair for Software and Systems Engineering, TU Munich
7/2007–8/2007 Trainee, SICK AG, Waldkirch. Central Department Research & Development
Languages German (native), English (fluent), Swedish (intermediate), Latin, Greek
Hobbies Skiing, Hiking, Reading and Writing, Travelling
Extra-curricular Activities
Scholarship Scholarship Holder, Wittmansche Stipendienstiftung and Nicolaus Fonds (2012-2013)
Journalism Author for “unikat,” Munich’s student magazine (since 2010)
“OOP 2013” Student volunteer and attendee at the symposium “OOP 2013” in Munich, where “Software meets Business”
Cross-cultural Trainings Student evaluator of the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) for “” in Brussels and Bonn, 2011 Speaker at the TUM Career Service’s event “Go Sweden” in Munich, 2011
“BWM 2007” German national contest for maths: 1st price
“BWInf 2006” German national contest for computer science: 2nd price
“BWInf 2004” 1st price, fifthbest result nation-wide
“BWInf 2003” 2nd price in first round, 2nd price in second round; 2nd best competitor at the age of 15
“Invent a Chip 2005” Contest organized by the “German Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies” (VDE): 3rd place for the design and implementation of an AES-based encryption adapter as a silicon chip
“Jugend forscht 2005” German contest for young scientists: Winner of regional contest with “x-View – development of a technically advanced video beamer”; 3rd place at Bavarian contest, special price for “Radio and video technology”


To get in touch with me, simply write me an email, call me or drop by my office.

Moritz Marc Beller
Office HB 08.290
Software Engineering Research Group, TU Delft
Mekelweg 4
NL-2628 CD Delft
P: +31 6 37199377 (that is, m.m.<my_surname>