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My name is Moritz Beller. I am doing Software Engineering research at Meta. My interest lies in creating and empirically evaluating tools that help developers be more productive. The focus of my research has been largely in the domains of Testing and Continuous Integration.

Feel free to contact me or follow my updates on Twitter as @Inventitech.


2022-12 Organized my first conference! What a blast. Check out the Engineering Productivity Summit recording on YouTube.
2021-10 Gave an industry talk at the Performance Summit about our most recent work predicting performance regressions at Facebook. Check out the recording.
2021-06 My first paper from working at Facebook got published! Check out Mutation Monkey at Facebook.

Recent Posts

E10 oder E5 tanken?

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Spritpreise erreichen weltweit im März 2022 neue Höchststände. Paradoxerweise ist oft sogar Diesel teurer als so manche Superbenzin Sorte. Aber auch beim reg...

A Story of One Three USB-C Hubs

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I recently received a 16” MacBook Pro for work. Shiny as it may be, it only features four USB-C sockets (and a headphone jack) to connect to the outside worl...